Propel Your Business to the Next Level!

Less than one in every 100 business owners will ever create the wealth, lifestyle, or level of success they are after.

It’s unfortunate that most business owners end up working tirelessly IN their business instead of working ON their business and eventually burnout. In fact, instead of being a real business owner, they simply buy a job.

Do you want your business to be the one that bucks the trend?

At ActionCOACH, we’re taught to understand that business is either growing or it’s dying. In business, just as in life, you can’t stand still. You’re either getting ahead and growing or you’re in a downward spiral. Just look at the statistics - around 80% of all new businesses will fail within the first few years.

The key to long-term survival to have a plan, implement systems, build the right team, and consistently execute so that you keep momentum going year after year. Sometimes all you need is a reset. There simply is no alternative if you’re serious about remaining in business.

If this is the mindset that you’d like to be in, don’t miss out on my ActionCLUB event, starting on Monday, October 21st at 1:00 pm BST!

What is ActionCLUB?

ActionCLUB is a programme that builds a strong foundation around ALL the key fundamentals of business. This programme is based on practical step-by-step business strategies that have been successful and proven to work by tens of thousands of ActionCOACH clients all around the world. These are ideas that you can implement in your business straight away, ideas that will deliver a positive return on your investment before you end the programme.

The business strategy sessions are interactive and activity-based, with an emphasis on learning by doing. ActionCLUB participants are expected to put their business strategies into practice immediately and provide feedback on their successes and challenges.

This afternoon will introduce you to the power of ActionCLUB - a programme of fortnightly strategy sessions working with fellow business owners to propel your business to the next level!

During the event you’ll learn how to:

• Achieve more by improving your priority setting and time management skills
• Define or refine your unique selling proposition and turn it into a powerful, competitive weapon
• Dramatically increase your lead generation and conversion skills
• Develop loyal, profitable customers who keep coming back
• Hire, develop, and retain the best people and build a powerful team
• Create systems that allow the business to run without you

Hosted by:

ActionCOACH Kinross

Learn Powerful Business Strategies to Fulfill Your Dreams

If you’re tired of simply surviving in business and you’re ready to boost YOUR profits, make more deals, dramatically improve your work-life balance, all while getting your business back on track, then ActionCLUB is for you!

This is your chance to meet up with like-minded business professionals and learn about ways to take your business to the next level. We’ll be covering everything from how to become a great salesperson to the ways that you can build your dream team and keep your business running smoothly even when you aren’t there.

If you’ve got questions, worries, or ideas about your business, sign up for ActionCLUB and bring them to the table!

I Can’t Wait to Share More With You on Monday, October 21st at 1:00 pm BST!

When And Where
From October 21, 2019 - 01:00 PM To 4:00 PM BST
Murrayshall House Country Hotel Murrayshall Road Scone PH2 7PH United Kingdom