Social Media 101 For Business Owners

Are You Ready To Leverage Social Media The Right Way?

Many existing or start-up businesses could benefit from having a social media presence to bring both traffic and visibility to their business or brand, but many entrepreneurs do not know where or how to get started.

Choosing which social networking platform is best for your business is a big decision, and it can be overwhelming. The first step to making a decision is understanding what each platform has to offer and how they can serve your need.

The following are some popular and widely used social media networks, along with a brief description of their services:

Instagram - A social networking mobile app for posting and sharing photos.
Facebook - A social networking website for posting photos, comments, videos, and chatting or sharing links to interesting content.
Twitter - A social networking website for sharing news, interests, and photos in short messages referred to as tweets.
LinkedIn - A social networking platform for connecting professionals.
YouTube - A video uploading/sharing website for online video networking.

Opting to promote your business through social media, as well as promoting your social networking accounts, can increase your traffic and revenue by increasing the number of people outside of your current customer base that comes into contact with your product, service, or brand. It is also a great way to build stronger loyalties with your existing customers by offering special deals or gifts via social media to celebrate their dedication to your brand.

Meet The Host, Rupert Hine

I'm passionate about embedding great leadership in organisations and supporting people to work smarter rather than harder. With a wealth of experience in SME's, and the public sector I'm your rock in times of trouble and your greatest fan when you succeed. Deliberately an "unreasonable" friend, my mission is to make every business I touch world class and ensure their success is a beacon of hope for others.

Hosted by:

Rupert Hine

Creating A Social Outlet

Whether it is visual storytelling that your company would benefit from, or you are hoping to send out promotions, or you are just wanting to connect to a wider customer base, there is a platform that fits your needs.
During this webinar, Social Media 101 For Business Owners, I will be discussing the best social media options as well as covering some things to consider when you start using social media to promote your brand, such as:

-How often to post
-What to post
-What information to protect
-How to best promote your social media site(s)

This webinar is great for people who are looking to boost business by creating a larger customer base to increase traffic and visibility to their company, product, or service.

Please join me for this enlightening experience. I look forward to helping you achieve your social media goals!

Can’t Wait To Share With You On Wednesday, August 5th At 12:00 pm BST!